Offering you the flexibility of working out at a time that is convenient for you. As a personal trainer I will ensure that you maintain safe and proper form and keep you challenged as you move through your workout.  

  • Individualized nutritional guide to maximize your goals
  • Outdoor workouts  (weather permitting)
  • Option to use my at home gym
  • Lifestyle coaching to guide you to make the right choices for your life
  • Cardiovascular Training will include aerobics, drills, plyometrics, and circuit training
  • Stretching to improve posture, reduce aches and pains, and increase circulation
  • Strength Training  program that will keep you gaining results for a lifetime.
  • Functional Training to improve quality of life

Personal Training One on One $65.00 


Personal Training Session Packages:

Stay true to yourself and be accountable to your exercise program and to your fitness trainer with these packages.  They are uniquely designed for each individual to achieve optimal personal fitness and are ideal for any of the following:

  • new participants that can benefit from a program designed to educate, motivate and track success 
  • experienced fitness participants that are able to train independently and follow exercise program
  • anyone seeking to improve athletic performance with sport specific training guidelines
  • clients looking to add new direction, spice up their workouts and/or enhance their present training regimen

3 sessions for $180.00 

4 sessions for $232.00

5 sessions for $280.00

10 sessions for $545.00 

15 sessions for $795.00 

1 on 1 Packages

Partner  Training Sessions:

Team up with friends for additional support, motivation and great value.
*All prices listed should be divided by number of participants.*

 Partner Training Sessions (2 people)

5 Sessions $450 $90/session

10 Sessions $850 $85/session

15 Sessions $1200 $80/session

20 Sessions $1500 $75/session 

Partner Packages

*Pricing above subject to change due to traveling time