As a Nutritional Consultant Jessica Tavera learned how food affects the body and how diet can be used to prevent disease and promote a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Guiding and evaluating your food choices to ensure a well-balanced diet with proper nutrients.  Teaching clients to adopt a new nutritional habit could translate to improved energy levels, stable moods, better metabolism and ultimately, a preventative approach that supports life-long health and activity.

With her help, you can learn how to stop the endless diet cycle! Whether you are trying to lose weight or manage,  Jessica helps clients develop healthy eating habits that lead to lasting lifestyle changes. No fads, no gimmicks. 

*The initial visit is mandatory and approximately 60 minutes in length. We will discuss your health goals, current eating style, and past history. During your first visit our goal is to provide you with a personalized health guide through education, meal planning, and realistic goal setting. Together, we will determine if and how many follow-up sessions will be needed.

Initial visit is $75.00 including first custom meal plan. $25.00 for every additional health guide after.

*Get started today!

*Meal Plan Sold ONLY in combination with a Fitness Program.  NOT SOLD SEPARATELY.

*Nutritional Consultant is NOT the same thing as a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist.